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The Historic Hannah Mansion located in Indianapolis, Indiana was built in 1858 by a middle aged bachelor by the name of Alexander Hannah.  Alexander was born in Wayne County, Indiana and at the time he was a trained harness maker but decided to go out to the California Gold Rush to make some money.  Alexander made enough money to come back to Indiana, purchase over 300 acres of farm land off of his father Samuel Hannah, then built Hannah Mansion.   Alexander didn't get married until his early 50's and marrying a lady by the name of Elizabeth Jackson.  Alexander passed away in his early 80's inside the home in 1895, the house was taken care of by his foreman for 4 years then Hannah Mansion was purchased in 1899 by a German immigrant by the name of Roman Oehler and still to this day .... Hannah Mansion is still in the Oehler family.  Now ..... let's go back in time to when Alexander was there.  Urban Legend say's that The Historic Hannah Mansion was a stop for the underground railroad since Alexander had a huge stance against slavery.

Now one of the most told urban legend stories of The Historic Hannah Mansion is that one cold winter night, a group of slaves were passing through Indiana as they were making their way to downtown Indianapolis.  They stopped at Hannah Mansion for the night ... then Alexander could take them in for shelter and they would have a safe place for the night.  So, Alexander took them down to the basement and gave them food and water.  As they were laying on beds made of hay, a lantern tipped over and caused a fire in the basement where they were sleeping.  Urban Legend say's that they all passed away that night and since it was winter, Alexander  couldn't give them a proper Christian burial so he had to bury them in ground of the basement at The Historic Hannah Mansion.

Also ... people has said they have drove down Madison Ave. and say that they have seen a man in older century clothing standing in the yard stop and wave at them !!! Could that be Alexander ???

Some say that the Historic Hannah Mansion is haunted !!!! Are the urban legend's true ???? Did you know you can book the Historic Hannah Mansion for paranormal investigations and other event's as well ??? Just go on over to the "Book The Historic Hannah Mansion" page and feel free to contact us !!!!

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